Our coffee is grown by passionate and dedicated coffee farmers. They are people with a big heart and work with great dedication. Thanks to them, it is possible to bring Pacandé coffee to you. That’s why we are proud to present them to you here.


The heart of his home and of his farm El Oasis is Luz Mila Gonzales, this woman is the coffee grower thanks to whom we can enjoy the delicious Gaitania coffee.


Diego Campos is one of the espresso roasts most remembered by our customers and grows in La Plata Huila, in the El Diamante farm. Its coffee grower, Diego Campos not only does an excellent job with his green coffee, but also his perseverance and experience led him to win the world barista competition in 2021.


The Finca El Recreo in Tena-Cundinamarca is the place where the Guatavita Espresso and Filter coffees are grown, which are without a doubt one of the favorites of our clients. Cundinamarca is not a region known worldwide for its coffee but its coffees are elegant and sweet and the work of Diego and Fernando Ucros is a sample of the quality that can be achieved. From their farm we have also had the fortune of roasting a delicious Geisha: Oropel.


Like his father, Campo Elías Munoz has been dedicated to the cultivation of coffee for several decades. Currently he manages the farm together with his son Edison, who has also begun to cultivate exotic varieties such as the Wush-Wush or the Laurina variety. In his farm you can still find delicious Caturra variety coffee, which is one of the coffees that we most like to roast for Espresso because they generally have a lot of body and a lot of sweetness.


As in almost all coffee farms, the work is done in the family, however in the Galindez family it is Lucy who has given the push to the cultivation of specialty coffees. Lucy and her family received us with a smile on their lips and in their Finca Bella Vista they grow our beloved Magdalena coffee. The experience of her parents together with the vision of this young coffee grower make the coffee from this farm always of an excellent and consistent quality over time.


In our heart is the memory of one of the best Pink Bourbons that we have had the pleasure of tasting and roasting: Flor de Mayo. This coffee grows in Huila and is the product of the hands of Jose Martinez, who also cultivates other varieties in his farm. We have also roasted delicious lots of Caturra from Finca El Casino.


Laura is a super persevering woman and her love for coffee can be felt from the entrance to her farm to the cup. This woman’s hands, her tireless work and constant learning make her produce one of the most delicious coffees we have been lucky enough to roast: our beloved Las Mercedes. We are excited to try the new varieties that she is beginning to cultivate on her farm.


Don William Joven is one of the coffee farmers we have worked with since the beginning of Pacandé. From our first visit to his farm, we knew that he is a person who puts special emphasis on the production of his coffee. In the photo you can see him with his wife Carmen, his other half, without whom it would not be possible to produce delicious coffees. Their farm Primavera – La Batalla is a model for those who want to work with specuiality coffees, where you can breathe peace, love and above all passion for coffee.


Javier Joven and his wife Carmen work shoulder to shoulder in the Finca Aguas Claras where they have their coffee plantations and also a processing and drying area, they themselves are in charge of the entire process from the harvest until they deliver the parchment bean. We owe the Filtrado La Gaitana and the Espresso El Alto to them. These two coffees are among our favorites and have earned the appreciation of our clients just as they have captivated us.


Edier Perdomo grows an exceptional Pink Bourbon on his farm: La Danta. His farm also has its own drying station and the selection work carried out there is impeccable. The Pink Bourbon is a coffee with an intense floral aroma and different textures. The Buena Vista farm has its plantations at an altitude of more than 1700 meters above sea level, which also gives its coffees a great deal of complexity.