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The art of Espresso

A perfect shot

If you’ve already had some experience making espresso, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not that easy. To make the perfect shot, you need a lot of practice and knowledge about coffee. 

In this workshop we will teach you the basics of espresso preparation. Topics include water, grinder calibration, differences between roasts, sweet spot, TDS, extraction and intensity.

You can attend this workshop with or without prior experience. The goal is to help you understand extraction techniques so that you can properly prepare any type of coffee, whether it is a lighter or medium roast, taking into account factors such as variety, processing method and origin.

We value individual training, which is why our workshops take place in small groups. In order to conduct a workshop, we need at least 4 and a maximum of 6 participants.

Our workshops take place on Saturdays at 8:00 am in our roastery.

Duration: Approx. 2 1/2 hours.


If you are interested in this workshop write us your email and we will contact you